Six month anniversary for AA's 'Dying Optimistically' LP

Today marks the six month anniversary of Adrian Aardvark's first studio album being released on vinyl, CD, and digital. I personally can barely believe it happened but a lot of hard work went into making it happen. I am forever grateful for Catherine IV H-Wurster, Shannon Lee Stott-Rigsbee, and Chris Lee Shacklett for joining me on this path of original heartfelt music.

Big thanks to Brendon Massei for having us come down to Baltimore and capturing our sound. Alex Saltz for making the recordings sound even more crisp and clear. Jon Vermilyea, thank you for blowing our minds with your wonderfully trippy artwork and helping our album stand out even more so. Burlington Record Plant for putting so much love and color into pressing our record!

Thanks to everyone who has streamed 'Dying Optimistically' on any of the platforms online, picked up our vinyl or CD, and coming out to our shows. Most importantly, thank you to everyone who comes up and talks to us. Opening up about mental illness and being a victim of violence has been life altering for me in an extremely positive way. Feeling connected with so many whom feel disconnected. I love you all so much.

‘Dying Optimistically’ is available on vinyl and digital here…

Christopher Stott-Rigsbee