Quick Summer Streamerz Update: 🍭🔮

Quick update:
The mastered tracks of our new EP sound incredible! Hopefully, we'll have more news on when and how that is coming out soon.

Most of the AA discography is now available on all music streaming services. Search for "Adrian Aardvark". Follow. Listen. Enjoy.

Over the past few months, I have been writing and working on new music. Might record a short solo album. First one without a band in a long time. Also, a house show is being planned in Plattsburgh in mid-August. This will be a solo set and most likely 80% all new material.

Get out there in the dirt. Soak up the sunshine. Quit your job. Live at a beach. Fight sand fleas and dumpster dive for as long as you can. Fuck the government. Fuck Facebook. Unfuck the world!