AA's New Home Recorded Album, HOLY ABANDONMENT, Out 9/20

A journey through the guilt of losing faith, loss of community, and the difficulty of finding yourself in a chaotic world. Trying to fill the hole left by God with alcohol, drugs, and pornography. Tripping to find meaning in this reality.

Becoming more and more anxious, depressed, and a reclusive tumbleweed. Until the realization of self love isn't another organized religious trap that will fall apart. It is taking yourself seriously. Loving all the twisted ugly bits and the beautiful wondrous bits. You can believe in yourself. You are real.



Track list for HOLY ABANDONMENT:

  1. Religious Upbringing

  2. I Dentity Crisis

  3. Summer Anxiety

  4. Fuzzy Insomnia

  5. Breathe

  6. Tiny Tiny Accidents

  7. Live

  8. Holy Abandonment

  9. Love