HOLY ABANDONMENT released today

Thoughts can be consuming; especially while trying to process past traumas, spirituality, and finding self love. Adrian Aardvark’s HOLY ABANDONMENT is that journey. Trying to find purpose or reason in life outwardly, not finding answers, getting consumed by addictive vices, and eventually beginning to look within while repairing the damage self inflicted or otherwise.

This summer was rough. Lost two people who inspired me since High School to make music, art, and poetry. David Berman and Daniel Johnston are some of the most beautiful people in this world that showed me a way to process and express myself in this weird reality. They made me feel a little less alone. I spent the past few months writing and recording these nine songs. Expressing where I am mentally, spiritually, and emotionally now was difficult. I thought I would just make a demo for myself and be done with it.

I am extremely grateful for the support from so many people in my life. Shannon Lee Stott-Rigsbee continues to be the most loving partner I could ask for. You can hear her violin, melodica, and some back up vocals too! Excited to finally work with Scott Hannay. His beautiful piano tracks class up these songs nicely. Austin Petrashune was so easy to work with. His drumming, saxphone, flute, and mysterious meatwave machine sound so solid.

Enjoy HOLY ABANDONMENT and good luck on your journey.


Christopher Stott-Rigsbee